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dr asoka

Dr. Asoka Jinadasa

I am a UK-qualified Chartered Engineer with a US doctorate in Corporate Strategy, a Master of the Chinese martial art, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and an international award-winner in corporate communication, media advertising, brand marketing, and feature film-making.

I wanted to share with everyone all the techniques I learnt from diverse sources over many years, and personally used over the past 10 years after my 60th birthday to become healthier, younger, happier, fitter, smarter, and win two major international awards for my work in 2015 – my 70th year!

I hope you will use Flying Penguin to rediscover the wings you were born with. It has been honored in the 2016 International Book Awards as an Award-Winning Finalist in the “Self-Help: Motivational” category.

I have used the simple methods described in it to look and act 20 years younger than my 70 years, enjoy perfect natural health, and develop a razor-sharp mind. In my 70th year I wrote Flying Penguin, won the 2015 MTC Global Outstanding Corporate Award for Consulting, and the 2015 Asia-Pacific HRM Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR.

By using the cocktail of Eastern energy techniques and Western science described in my inspirational book, I have helped thousands of people achieve the highest levels of success by unleashing the vast inborn human potential sleeping within them.

A short list of things you should know about Dr. Asoka Jinadasa.

  • 2015 MTC Global Outstanding Corporate Award for Consulting.
  • 2015 Asia-Pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR.
  • Featured in Who’s Who in the World in 1982-83.
  • Featured in Who’s Who in Western Europe in 1983.
  • Globally renowned thought-leader in Human Potential Development.
  • Chartered computer engineer (UK) with US Doctorate in Corporate Strategy.
  • Former Fellow of British Computer Society & Inst. of Electrical Engineers.
  • Keynote speaker & presenter at major business & HR conferences.
  • Master of T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Chinese martial art) & Oriental energy methods.
  • Award winner in advertising, marketing, communication, HR & filmmaking.
  • Guest of US radio shows on personal success & business performance.
  • Looks and acts 20 years younger than his biological age of 70 years.

Dr. Asoka Jinadasa During A Graduation Ceremony Of Postgraduate Business School


Dr. Asoka Jinadasa during his Empowering Workshops

Asia-pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution To HR In 2015

Dr. Asoka Jinadasa receiving Asia-pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution To HR In 2015