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Dr Asoka Jinadasa

is a UK-qualified chartered engineer with a US doctorate in business strategy; an award winner in media advertising, brand marketing, and corporate communication; and a Master of the Chinese martial art T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He won the 2015 Asia-Pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR for his six-dimensional model of success and leadership. He has trained thousands, from CEOs right down to students, in Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka using his innovative techniques that combine Oriental energy methods with Western neuroscience. These are detailed in his self-coaching book, Flying Penguin – an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2016 International Book Awards in the Self-Help Motivational category.

“Your limitless abilities – Your self-imposed limitations Your limitless success.”


Eva Lewandowski

holds an MBA in Information Technology, a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, eWomen Network Premier Success Coach, and a Certified Practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She has 30 years of consulting and managerial experience as an IT professional and accountant, with over ten years of training in voiceover and acting.

                                         “I will expedite your transformation by removing your limiting beliefs!”


Charlie Lobosco

is a Shared Leadership Expert, Agile Coach, Trainer and Scrum Master, published author and the creator of the C.A.R.E. Shared Leadership Model, which is a faster and more productive way to deliver results. He has over 40 years’ high-level experience in more than 25 Fortune-ranked Corporations in IT and management consulting, efficient delivery strategies and effective team building.

            “C.A.R.E. is Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone.”

Arosha 150x150

Arosha Jayasundera

is a professional from the London School of Economics with an MBA from CASS Business School. She is a specialist on service excellence, cost optimization and efficiency in South Asia, and has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. She works with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sri Lanka and has delivered lectures for the Export Development Board and top corporates in the banking sector. She is a columnist for Lanka Business Online and several business newspapers.  She is the Founder of the Asian Institute of Excellence, which works with regional bodies, private sector, research institutes, and SMEs.

“Dare to do, or die!

How to Sell More with Less Effort!

An experiential workshop that boosts sales performance almost immediately by maximizing physical and mental energy, eliminating emotional roadblocks, and arming salespersons with top-secret communication tools that help them sell more with less effort & stress! Role-playing sessions based on verbal and non-verbal communication internalize the newly learned skills.

How to become a Successful Entrepreneur!

A practical workshop that develops an entrepreneurial mindset with “Inner Soft Skills” for greater physical & mental energy and self-confidence, and “Outer Soft Skills” for communicating with and influencing others. It explains how to develop competencies relating to the 6-dimensional model of success & leadership symbolized by Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus & Health!

How to unleash Creativity for Innovation!

An experiential workshop that eliminates the fear of failure, which hinders creativity & innovation, by increasing self-confidence through heightened physical & mental energy. It presents simple frameworks for unleashing creativity through divergent thinking, and nurturing innovative thinking for finding new ways to achieve specific organizational objectives!

How to boost your Career & Leadership!

A practical workshop based on the holistic 6-dimensional model symbolized by Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus, and Health. It unleashes your vast inborn human potential for career success and leadership development by eliminating negative emotions and beliefs. It provides a framework for developing Wisdom (knowing what to do next) and Skills (knowing how to do it).

How to Maximize Individual & Organizational Performance!

A transformational workshop based on the new concept of company-wide leadership development. It boosts individual and team performance by energizing, empowering & engaging all employees at all levels by awakening the vast inborn human potential mostly sleeping within them. It empowers them to develop new concepts and action plans for achieving specific objectives!

How to Hire People Today for Tomorrow’s Jobs!

In today’s complex business world, the common practice of using the same interview criteria for every job does not select the best candidates for a particular job. This workshop develops a common framework of all desired competencies and provides guidelines for evaluating the diverse skills needed for specific jobs – from today’s as well as tomorrow’s perspectives.